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Structural Elements

Load-bearing walls in multi-storey construction - In apartment buildings, some up to 14 storeys, concrete filled Gypcrete wall panels have been used very successfully in load-bearing construction to support combined lateral and vertical loads and to support vertical loads only.

Firewalls up to a rating of four hours - Unfilled 100 millimetre Gypcrete wall panel (current panels are 120 mm) will provide an FRL of 180/120/60 and concrete filled Gypcrete wall panel an FRL of 240/240/240.

Roof panels - Insulation filled Gypcrete wall panels have been successfully used in cottage construction as structural roof elements over which battened roof sheeting is placed.

Lost formwork for suspended slabs - When used as lost-formwork [refer also the Gypcrete wall panel Design and Construction Guidelines] for suspended concrete slabs, services such as electrical or plumbing can be carried in the cells, noise attenuation between floors is improved and a finished plaster ceiling is obtained.

Fencing - Gypcrete wall panel has been used extensively for domestic fencing providing a very high quality finish to both neighbouring properties. Uniquely Gypcrete wall panel can be placed directly in trenches and sand filled to provide solid foundation free fences up to two metres high.

Domestic housing construction - Gypcrete wall panels, either unfilled or concrete filled, can be used to support domestic structures. Unfilled Gypcrete wall panel can be used to support domestic structures up to three storeys providing the suspended floors are constructed from timber.

High-rise Apartment Blocks

Several hundred multi-level Gypcrete wall apartments have been constructed in South Australia, NSW and Queensland;


The large size of Gypcrete wall panel makes it ideally suited for town-house [row-house] construction as dividing sound and fire walls able also to support vertical loads;


Insulated Gypcrete wall panel is ideally suited for use as non-load-bearing partitions in new offices and existing office buildings;


The contemporary nature of Gypcrete wall panel with its true and flat finish and large joint-free construction makes it ideally suited for modern sea-side Mediterranean type construction. The Wirrina Resort in South Australia was constructed using Gypcrete wall panel;


Gypcrete wall panel is ideally suited to provide partitions in hospitals wherein the extensive services, such as electronic and electrical cabling and medical gases, can be carried in the cells of the panel;

Factory buildings

Gypcrete wall panel has been used successfully on factory buildings as external cladding where higher levels of insulation and appearance is required to external walls or, in particular, food processing facilities where hygienic conditions are required. The main sparkling wine production facility of the Penfolds Winery at Great Western in Victoria was constructed from Gypcrete wall panel;


Gypcrete wall panel was used successfully as sound walls on one of the world's largest cinema complexes [32 cinemas] located in Marion South Australia.

Independent houses & Villas


Cold Storages

Compound Walls

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