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Manufacturing Process 

One twelve metre long by three metre high cellular Gypcrete wall panel can be manufactured every hour from a single casting table. Manufacturing installations that comprise multiple tables will produce as many Gypcrete wall panels per hour as there are tables in use. One installation can have up to three casting tables.

A Gypcrete wall panel manufacturing plant comprises: -

  • Plaster feed hoppers;
  • Casting tables;
  • Core-tables that insert and remove the plugs that form the cells in the Gypcrete wall panel;
  • A travelling gantry or crab assembly that mixes and dispenses onto the casting tables, over which it passes, the plaster as well as the chopped glass-fibre rovings;
  • A Rapidryer oven used to cure the panels

The casting-table in each computer-controlled plant comprises a flat steel epoxy-coated surface with raised operable sides to contain the plaster when in the fluid state. Prior to the commencement of the manufacturing process the casting table is first lightly greased. Commencing from the start position the crab assembly moves over the casting-table accurately dispensing the special plaster mix comprising water, Rapidflow gypsum-plaster, and admixtures, over the entire table to a depth of 13 millimetres.

This plaster layer is lightly screeded after which the travelling crab assembly automatically chops and dispenses over the entire liquid-plaster surface a predetermined quantity of chopped glass-fibre rovings to provide reinforcement to the plaster. This layer of glass-fibre is then rolled into the plaster to position it centrally within the 13 millimetre thick skin.

In every 250 millimetre length of Gypcrete wall panel a 230 millimetre X 94 millimetre cell is formed using greased removable plugs placed in the direction parallel to the narrow dimension of the 12-metre panel. Initially the core-table mechanism positions every alternative plug over the plaster and glass-fibre layer on the casting table. The travelling crab then dispenses a layer of chopped glass-fibre over these cores automatically tamping it into position.

After completion of the tamping process the remainder of the cores are positioned before the final quantity of plaster is dispensed onto the casting table filling between the plugs and forming the top skin of the panel. A final quantity of chopped glass-fibre is again automatically and uniformly dispensed over the entire panel surface by the travelling crab. The crab assembly then automatically returns to its cleaning and filling station to be prepared for the production of the next Gypcrete wall panel.

Using a mesh roller the surface of the Gypcrete wall panel is then rolled to position this final layer of glass-fibre centrally within the plaster top skin. Final screeding and smoothing of the cast but liquid plaster is completed manually by two operators. From the commencement to this process takes only 20 minutes after which the panel is left to cure until the temperature and the consistency of the plaster allows final screeding.

Once the plaster has completed its initial set the core-table mechanism advances and locks onto the core formers and slowly withdraws them from the set panel and moves back and away from the casting-table to allow the removal of the set Gypcrete wall panel.

To remove the panel from the casting-table all perimeter edges of the table are swung open and two panel-supports are extended. The table is then automatically tilted to approximately 150 off vertical with all of the two tonne wet panel weight being taken on the bottom supports.

To this point, the entire process has taken 45 minutes.

Finally a multi-directional reach truck fitted with a transfer frame removes the Gypcrete wall panel from the tilted casting-table and places it in the Rapidryer oven line dryer for final curing prior to it being stored in racks and ultimately cut to dimensions for installation on a specific building project.

The elapsed time of the complete manufacturing process, including full curing in the Rapidryer, is less than two hours.

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