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Gypcrete Plasters

GBIL has installed a 10 MTon/hour Fluidized Bed Rapidflow Calciner plant. Being a Calciner incorporating the Fluidized Bed technology, it produces the highest quality of gypsum plaster. It is generally accepted that beta plasters produced by conventional means (kettles, rotary kilns and the like) provide only relatively low strength plasters with high water take-up during setting. This is not the case with plaster produced from the Rapidflow Calciner.

The Rapidflow Calciner is based on the fluidised bed concept that differs significantly from other fluidised bed calciner designs. It uses a unique process that allows the introduction of hot gases into the fluidised bed in a completely controlled manner.

While other calciners produce over and under burn because of different expansion and contraction rates, Rapidflow plaster particles are calcined at exactly the right temperature.

The company intends to leverage on its excess plaster production capacity to produce different kinds of plasters and compounds.

GBIL's plaster products will include:

  • Plaster for Gypcrete wall panels
  • Wall plaster
  • Plaster for Plasterboard
  • Floor plaster
  • Casting plaster
  • Ceramics plaster
  • Mining plaster
  • Plaster compounds

Apart from the above, GBIL will produce a number of products for the building industry:

1. Base Bond

  • Specially designed for bedding in tape coating plasterboard and Gypcrete wall panel joints
  • Will be available with setting times of 45, 60 and 90 minutes
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • No shrinkage
  • Stronger joint
  • Greater yield

2. Cornice Adhesive

  • Specifically designed for fixing plasterboard and fibrous plaster cornice to plasterboard, Rapidwall walls and ceilings
  • Will be available with 45 and 60 minutes setting time
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High finish

3. All Purpose Finish Coat

  • Especially formulated as a smooth finishing total jointing dry compound.
  • High yield
  • Light weight
  • Low shrinkage
  • Ideal for hand and box applications. For large jobs, there is no need to worry about setting time and tools only need cleaning at the end of the day.
  • Exceptional finish. When used as a finish coat over White Base Bond, the result on plasterboard and Rapidwall will be of exceptionally high standard.

4. Dry casting plaster

  • Suitable for all casting applications.

5. Wet Top Coat

  • Specifically formulated as a ready-mix topping compound for use on plasterboard and Rapidwall.
  • Flexible and easily sanded, it is perfect for use over the Wet All Purpose Compound.
  • Light weight
  • Low shrinkage
  • Ideal for Box tool and Hand applications
  • Exceptional finish

6. Other plaster products will include:

  • Hardwall plaster
  • Dental plaster
  • Stud Adhesive
  • Masonry Adhesive
  • Spray plaster
  • Pottery plaster
  • Back Blocking


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